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2019 Produce & Egg Share Memberships are sold out!

Don't miss out on a 2020 Voluntary CSA Membership(more details below)! To be among the first to know when 2020 sign ups begin, please join the Farm Mailing List <Click HERE>.

Extra produce can found at the Farm Stand in Stillwater, usually on Saturdays & Sundays, July thru September. Please visit the farm's facebook events page for the most current farm stand schedule.


I look forward to sharing the harvest with you! Thank you for supporting your local, Health Conscious Farmer. -James.

What is a "CSA" & Why should I join Voluntary CSA @ Goodness Grows?  

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a direct relationship between the farmer & you. With your upfront commitment, you become a CSA share member, reserving a "Share" of the farm's future harvest for the upcoming growing season. Voluntary CSA share members are rewarded with a weekly pick up of Ultra-Fresh, Pesticide-Free, & Non-GMO produce throughout the harvest season.

This mutually beneficial relationship provides the farmer with funds to pay for upfront costs & part of a living wage while members enjoy the bountiful harvests, the piece of mind & benefits of eating fresh & consciously raised produce, and the satisfaction of connecting with & supporting a local farmer who puts your health first.

Pick up from the farm in Stillwater or drop off sites in Newton or Andover.

Optional: Home Delivery just $5.00/week to select areas of zip codes: 07821, 07825, 07848, 08760, 07871, & possibly more.

This is not a co-op, buying club, or fake CSA. I take great pride in personally growing a diversity of crops right here on the Goodness Grows Farm in Stillwater.

To learn about share options and more details, please read the current 2019 membership agreement

If you sign up by 3/1/2020, you'll receive a 5% Early Order Discount. Forgot to use the Coupon Code "5EOD" at Checkout? No problem, I will enter it for you manually after reviewing your order. Reminder of Important Terms & Conditions: Full payment of order is required by 3/15/20 or the 5% discount is forfeited and invoice will be returned to full price without the coupon.