Weekly Surplus Available Produce

A la carte produce left over after fulfilling the CSA member's weekly shares.

Pay with credit online or please bring money or check payable to "James Grenewicz" to pick up.

Thank you! Questions? Please text James 973-919-6422.

5 pounds ($2/lb) ($10.00)
10 Pounds ($1.75/lb) ($17.50)
Baby Sweet Potatoes (3.5lbs) ($10.00)
Mix of small, Irregular shapes, & pitch fork damaged (5lbs) ($5.00)
Green Curly Leaf ($3.00)
Rainbow Lacinato ($3.00)
Red Russian ($3.00)
Asst. Pink Heirlooms (lb.) ($3.00)
Bulk Pink Tomatoes (5 pounds) ($12.50)
Mini Red Romaine(3heads) ($3.00)
Loose Leaf Green (3heads) ($3.00)
Loose Leaf Red (3 Heads) ($3.00)
  16oz Premium Salanova Mix (Sold Out, check back soon for availability updates)